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size (s): S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL
You will need: 800-900-1000-1100-1200-1300 gr. DROPS ANDES yarn (65% wool, 35% alpaca; 100 g. ~ 96 m.), circular knitting needles (80 cm.) No. 8 and No. 7 for elastic, 6-6-6-6-7-7 buttons.
Knitting density: 11 p. X 15 p. persons. satin stitch = 10 x 10 cm.

Shawl knitting (in straight rows): Knit all rows face. 1 hem = 2 rows.
Pattern: see chart A.1 for your size.

front and back
Knit in straight rows on circular knitting needles.
Dial 148-148-172-172-196-196 p. On circular knitting needles No. 7, knit 1 row out. with IP, then with drugs, knit as follows: 1 hemline item with a garter stitch, * 2 L, 2 AND *, repeat * - *, complete a row of 2 persons. and 1 hem garter stitch. Knit with an elastic band 8 cm, then go to the knitting needles No. 8. Tie 1 row of faces. with drugs, at the same time evenly reduce 25-25-29-29-33-33 p. = 123-123-143-143-163-163 p. Connect 1 row out. with IP. Next, knit with the drug: 1 edge, 10 times diagram A.1, 1 out. (in the wrong rows knit faces.) and 1 chrome. Continue with this pattern to the height of the part 46-47-48-49-50-51 cm. Transfer the first and last 31-31-36-36-41-41 p. To the safety pins = 61-61-71-71-81 -81 p. On the knitting needles.
= 61-61-71-71-81-81 p. Continue with pattern A.1 (halves of the pattern on the sides to knit the faces) THEN at the end of the next 2 rows dial 7-7-8-8-9-9 new items. = 75-75-87-87-99-99 items. Knit so with drugs: 1 edge, 6 times A.1, 1 out. 1 edge. At the height of the product 70-72-74-76-78-80 cm, close the central 25-25-29-29-33-33 p. For the neck = 25-25-29-29-33-33 p. Each shoulder / sleeve. Close all items at a height of 72-74-76-78-80-82 cm.
= 31-31-36-36-41-41 p. Continue with pattern A.1, dial 8-8-9-9-10-10 new p. At the end of the row and LS = 39-39-45-45- 51-51 p. Next, knit like this (when viewed from the drug): 1 hem, 3 times A.1, 1 out. (in the inner rows knit faces.), 1 hem. At a height of 64-66-68-70-72-74 cm, remove 8-8-10-10-12-12-12 stitches from the side of the strap onto a pin (first knit these stitches), then close the stitches for the neck at the beginning each row from the side of the bar: 2 p. 2 times and 1 p. 2 times - in the process of forming the neck of the p., not fully forming the pattern A.1, knit faces. smooth surface = 25-25-29-29-33-33 p. remains on the shoulder / sleeve. Continue the pattern above and close all stitches at a height of 72-74-76-78-80-82 cm.
Knit as right in mirror image.
Perform shoulder seams.
Type 94-98-102-106-110-114 p. Along the right shelf on knitting needles No. 7. Tie 1 row of faces. with IP, then knit with the drug as follows: 1 hem garter stitch, * 2 L., 2 I. *, repeat * - *, 2 L. and 3 p. garter stitch. when the height of the strap is 4-4-4-5-5-5 cm., make 6-6-6-6-7-7 button loops - the upper loop should be 1 cm back from the top edge and the bottom should be approx. 6 cm from the bottom edge. 1 buttonhole = tie 2 together out, and next. in a row, dial 1 new item. Knit to a plank height of 8-8-9-9-10-10 cm. and close all items according to the figure.
Tie the same bar on the left side, do not do button loops.
Type 70-70-74-74-78-78 stitches from the drug along the neck (including stitches pinned to pins) on the number 7 needles. Tie 1 row of faces. Then, connect another 1 row of faces with drugs, while adding evenly 22 p. = 92-92-96-96-100-100 p. Next, knit a trace. way (1st row = IS): 3 p. garter stitch, * 2 L, 2 I *, repeat * - *, 2 L and 3 p. garter stitch. Knit in this way up to 15 cm vertically, then close all the stitches in the picture.
Knit in straight rows.
Dial 66-66-70-70-74-74 p. Along the edge of the sleeve on the knitting needles No. 7. Knit 1 row of faces., Then knit like this: 1 chrome. n. garter stitch, * 2 L, 2 AND *, repeat * - *, 1 chrome. n. garter stitch. Knit so up to 8 cm vertically and close according to the picture.
Perform an axillary stitch and sew buttons on the left bar.
19-19-21-21-23-23 p. Onto the knitting needles No. 8. Tie 2 scars, then knit with the drug as follows: 3 p. Garter stitch., A.1, 1 I (in the rows with IP knit L), 3 p. Garter stitch. Knit with such a pattern 15 cm, 1 row purl with IS at the same time bring the number of sts to 20-20-20-20-24-24 st. Next, knit with medicines as follows: 3 st. Garter stitch, * 2 L, 2 I *, repeat * - *, 2 L., 3 p. garter stitch. Continue to a pocket height of 18 cm. And close all points in the drawing.
Tie a second pocket and sew them in front immediately above the elastic. and approx. in the middle of the shelves.

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