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A fantasy pattern made of yarn of a delicate shade makes the pullover elegant and beautiful. Openwork patterns are good for knitting spring things.

Sizes: 38/40 (46/48)

You will need: 600 (700) g of dark pink Alpha yarn (100% cotton, 104 m / 50 g); knitting needles number 3,5; circular knitting needles No. 3.



Eraser:  an odd number of loops. Each p. start and end chrome. Persons. p.: alternately 1 out., 1 persons. cross., end 1 out .; Outgoing life: alternately 1 persons., 1 out. cross., finish 1 persons. In circular p: an even number of loops. Alternately 1 out., 1 persons. cross

Openwork pattern : the number of loops is a multiple of 18 + 1 + 2 chrome. Knit according to the pattern. In out. R. knit loops according to the drawing or according to the instructions, yarn knit out. or according to the instructions. Start with chrome., Repeat rapport, end with a loop after rapport and chrome. Repeat from 1st to 26th p. When making additions and decreases, make sure that the number of crochets and loops knitted together is the same.

Knitting density: 22 p. And 31 p. = 10 x 10 cm.


Description of knitting an openwork pullover:

Back:  dial 111 (129) p. And tie 3 cm with a rubber band for the strap. Next, knit with an openwork pattern. After 55 cm = 170 p. (59.5 cm = 184 p.) From the plank, close the middle 47 pips for the neck and knit further separately, closing along the edges of the cutout 8 of every 2 p. 2 x 2 p.

After 57 cm = 176 p. (61.5 cm = 190 p.) From the plank close the remaining 28 (37) p. Of each shoulder.

Before:  knit like a back, but for a deeper neck through 52.5 cm = 162 p. (57 cm = 176 p.) From the bar close the average 39 p., Then in every 2 r. 2 x 2 and 4 x 1 p.

Sleeves:  dial 57 p. And for the strap tie 3 cm with an elastic band. Next, knit with an openwork pattern, adding sleeves on both sides in each 12th p. For bevels. from the bar 9 x 1 p. (in each 6th p. 18 x 1 p.) according to the figure = 75 (93) p. After 42 cm = 130 p. from the plank for okata sleeves close on both sides 1x5 (6) p., then in each 2nd p. 4 x 5 (6) p. After 45 cm = 140 p. close the remaining 25 (33) p from the plank.
Assembly:  complete shoulder seams. For the placket on circular knitting needles, dial 126 p. Along the edge of the neck, tie 3 cm in circular rows with an elastic band and close all the loops according to the figure. Stitch sleeves, sew side seams and sleeve seams.

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