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A flirty peplum on the back, short sleeves ... Such a jacket can be thrown on top or on a dress - and now you catch the admiring glances on yourself.

36/38 (40/42) 44/46

Yarn (100% cotton; 75 m / 50 g) - 400 (450) 500 g blue; knitting needles number 4.5; circular knitting needles No. 4.5.


Knit on both sides by 3 p. 

Front rows: at the beginning of the row = 2 front, 1 p. Remove, as with the wrong knitting (thread before work); at the end of the row = 1 p., remove, as with the wrong knitting (thread before work), 1 front, 1 p. remove, as with the wrong knitting (thread, before work). 

Wrong rows: at the beginning of the row = 1 front, 1 p. Remove, as with wrong knitting (thread before work), 1 front; at the end of the row = 1 front, 2 p. remove, as with the wrong knitting (thread before work). Tighten the thread slightly so that the edge slightly turns inward. 

Front rows - front loops, wrong rows - wrong loops.

Front rows - purl loops, wrong rows - front loops.

Start to knit on 104 loops: 16 p. Wrong side, * 6 p. Front smooth, 16 p. Wrong side, from * repeat 3 more times.

Knit according to the pattern. The diagram shows only the front rows. In the wrong rows, knit the loops according to the pattern, the crochets - the wrong. 

In width, start with a loop before rapport, perform rapport 4 times, end with a loop after rapport. In height, perform 1 time from the 1st to the 34th p., Then repeat from the 3rd to the 34th p.

At the beginning of the row = chrome., 1 front, 2 p. Knit together front; 
at the end of the row = knit to the last 4 stitches, then knit 2 sts together with a tilt to the left (= 1 st. remove, as with face knitting, knit the next stitch with the front stitch and stretch the stitched stitch through the stitched stitch), 1 stitch, chrome.

Patent region - 3 p. = 1 cm; 
17 p. X 24 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the front surface and the basque pattern (the sample is slightly stretched); 
21 p. X 24 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by an openwork pattern, 
42 p. = 20 cm.

The back and shelves knit on circular knitting needles in rows in the forward and reverse directions.

Knit the shelves and the back to the beginning of the raglan bevels with a single fabric. Then each part is knitted separately.



Draw 174 (186) 198 loops on the knitting needles and knit, distributing the loops as follows: 3 p. Of the patent edge, 32 (38) 44 p. Of the front surface, 104 p. Of the basques, 32 (38) 44 p. 3 p. Patent edge. 

On each side, external 16 (19) 22 p. + 3 p. Patent edges = hinges of shelves, average 136 (142) 148 p. = Loops of the back.

For fitting in the 9th p. from the initial row, reduce 10 points as follows: in 5 stripes of the back surface of the basques, knit the 1st point and the previous loop together with a slope to the left (see Underlined decreases), knit the last loop and the next loop together with the front, continue to knit on the remaining loops facial smoothness (strips of the wrong side as a result of reductions narrow) = 94 p. Basques. Repeat these reductions 5 more times in each 10th r. = 44 p. Basques, the width of the strip of the wrong side = 4 p.; on the needles - 114 (126) 138 p. 

After 25 cm = 60 p. from the initial row, knit the first loop of the Basques and the previous loop with a slope to the left, then knit 42 p.

In the drawing of parts, the reduction patterns are shown in the form of bevels. 

After 33.5 cm = 80 p. from the initial row, temporarily leave external 16 (19) 22 p. + 3 p. of patent pattern for shelves on each side. 

Next, knit on a medium 74 (80) 86 p. Back according to the pattern. At the same time, on both sides start raglan bevels: in the 1st r. for all sizes, close 1 time for 4 p., then decrease 1 p. (see Decorative Decreases) 9 times in every 4 r. (8 times alternately in each 2nd and 4th r., Then 4 times in each 4th r.) 1 time in the 2nd r., Then 14 times alternately in each 2nd and 4th r. . 

After 49 cm = 118 p. (51 cm = 122 p.) 52.5 cm = 126 p. close the remaining 48 points from the start row. Then knit the left shelf on the last 16 (19) 22 points + 3 points of the patent edge, while on the right edge make a raglan bevel, as described for the back. At the height of the back will remain 6 p. Shelves. On these loops, knit a necklace with a patent edge = 3 p. The beginning of the row + 3 p. The end of the row. 

After 21.5 cm, close the hinges. 

Knit the right shelf in a mirror image on the remaining 3 p. Of the patent edge + 16 (19) 22 p. 

Make the rest on the remaining 6 p., As described above.

Type on the knitting needles for each sleeve with 48 (54) 60 loops and knit with the front stitch. 

For bevels, add on both sides 2 times in each 8th river, starting from the initial row, 1 point = 52 (58) 64 points. Raglan bevels should be performed as on the back, starting at a height of 10 cm = 24 p. from the initial row. 

After 25.5 cm = 62 p. (27.5 cm = 66 p.) 29 cm = 70 p. from the initial row close the remaining 26 p.

Run raglan seams and sleeve seams. Perform the back middle seam of the tape, sew the tape into the neck of the back.

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