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Dimensions: 36/38 (40/42) 44/46

You will need: 550 (600) 600 g of blue yarn Wonderwool (51% sheep’s wool, 49% polyacryl, 85 m / 50 g); straight and circular knitting needles No. 7.

Shawl binding: persons. and out. R.-persons. n. In the circular river. knit alternately on 1 circular p. persons. and out.

The main pattern: the number of loops is a multiple of 9 + 6 (3) 0 + 2 chrome. Knit according to scheme 1, which shows only persons. R., in out. R. knit loops according to the drawing, knit-knit out. Start with 1 chrome. and the last 0 (3) 6 p. rapport, repeat the rapport, finish the first 6 (0) 3 p. rapport and 1 chrome. Repeat from 1st to 4th p.

Pattern with holes, circular p. 1st, 3rd and 5th circular district: persons. n. 2nd circular district: * 1 yarn, remove 1 n. as persons., 1 persons. and stretch it through the removed loop, repeat from *. 4th and 6th circular district: out. n.

Pattern for coquette, circular p: first, the number of loops is a multiple of 27 (29) 31. Knit according to scheme 2, which shows only odd circular p., in even circular p. knit loops according to the drawing or as indicated. Repeat rapport. Repeat 1 time from the 1st to the 52nd circular river. The scheme corresponds to size 36/38, for large sizes, between braids 2 or 4, respectively, perform additional p. Garter stitches = 29 or 31 p.

Knitting density. The main pattern: 13.5 p. And 25 p. = 10x10 cm; pattern for coquette: 17 p. and 30 circular p. = 10 x 10 cm.

Back / front: with a cross-shaped set (see page 31) dial 62 (68) 74 p. And knit with the main pattern. After 35.5 cm = 88 p. (37 cm = 92 p.) 38.5 cm = 96 p. set aside from the set edge of the loop.

Sleeves: dial 35 (39) 43 p. With a cross-shaped set and knit with the main pattern as follows: chrome., Repeat 1 last 0 (2) 4 p. Rapport, repeat rapport, repeat 1 time the first 6 (8) 1 p. Rapport , chrome. At the same time, from the typesetting edge, add sleeves on both sides for bevels alternately in each 14th and 16th r. 7 x 1 p. = 49 (53) 57 p., Including added loops in the pattern. After 43 cm = 108 p. set aside from the set edge of the loop.

Assembly: for a round yoke, put on the circular needles the deferred loops of the front, right sleeve, back and left sleeve = 222 (242) 262 p. Tie 1 times 6 circular p. patterns with holes, evenly decreasing in the 6th circular river. 6 (10) 14 p. = 216 (232) 248 p. For a round yoke, continue working with a yoke pattern, distributing it from the middle of the front. In the 17th circular river. patterns for the coquette to begin to reduce, as indicated, but for large sizes additionally knit in each repeat 1 (2) x 2 p. persons together. = 208 (216) 224 p. Repeat these additional reductions in the 21st circular river. a pattern for a coquette = 192 p. After the end of the pattern for a coquette, another 64 p. are in operation. Tie another 4 circular p. garter stitch, then close the loop. Make side seams and sleeve seams.

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