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Female pullover

SIZES: 38-40 (42-44 / 46-48) 50-52

YOU NEED: Bouton D "Or yarn: NORMA Mastic 346: 12 (13/14) 15 skeins. Knitting needles N? 5.5. 2 buttons and auxiliary

knitting needle for braids. PATTERNS: Elastic band
2/3 (alternate 2 faces. and 3 p.p. in the faces. p.; Knit the wrong side as the knitting looks).
Knit pattern according to the pattern.
1 person. p., crossed to the left with 3 p.p .: remove 1 liter on the auxiliary knitting needle before work, knit 3 traces of p. p. and p. from the knitting needles of
1 p. cross, crossed to the right with 3 p. spokes: remove 3 p. ...... for the auxiliary needle work knit track n with n individual and PHI spokes

.. DENSITY knitting patterns 18 and n 20 p = 10x10 cm 2/3 and gum pattern m:.. 15.5 n and p = 20 10x10sm.


THE BACK To dial 82 (90/98) 108 p. And knit with an elastic band 2/3, starting with 2 persons. (1 persons / 3 out.) 3 out. n. After 3 cm from the beginning, performing 1 p. 2 additions, continue the work as follows:
84 p. With a pattern, starting from 2 p. Of the pattern (3 p. W. Stitch,
86 p. Pattern, starting with 1 p. Of the pattern, 3 p. W. Stitch / 7 p. smooth,
86 stitches with pattern, starting from 1 st. pattern, 7 st. outfitted stitch) 4 st. outfitted stitch,
102 st . pattern, starting with 1 st. pattern, 4 p. out. stitch.
It will turn out 84 (92/100) 102 p.
After 35 cm from the beginning, for armholes, reduce on both sides in each 2 r. 1x5, 1x3 (1x5, 1x3, 1x2, 1x1 / 1x5,2x3. 1x2. 1x1) 1x5, 3x3. 1x2, 1x1 p.

There will remain 68 (70/72) 76 p. After 53 (54/55) 56 cm from the beginning, close the middle 18 p. To cut the neckline, finish the sides separately and reduce along the inner edge in each 2 p. 2x3 p. After 56 (57/58) 59 cm from the beginning, close the remaining 19 (20/21) 23 p. Of the shoulder.

FRONT: starts like a back, but with a deeper neckline. After 51 (52/53) 54 cm from the beginning, close the middle 14 p. And along the inner edge 8 of each 2 p. 1x4. 1x2, 2x1 p.
After 56 (57/58) 59 cm from the beginning, close the remaining 19 (20/21) 23 p. Of the shoulder.

HOSE: dial 40 p. And knit with an elastic band 2/3. starting with 1 person p.
Next, knit like this:
11 p. with an elastic band 2/3. starting from 1 out. p.
18 p. pattern, 11 p. elastic, kachaa with 3 out. p.
For the shape of the sleeve add 4x1 on each side in each 8 p.,
6x1 in each 6 p.
(10x1 in each 6 p., 2x1 in each 4 p. / 4x1 in each 6 p. 11x1 in each 4 p.)
17x1 p. 8 each 4 p. It will turn out 60 (64/70) 74 p.
After 41 cm from the rock, reduce for okat in each 2 p. 1x3, 2x2, 11x1,
(1x3, 3x2. 9x1. 3x2 / 1x3. 5x2. 6x1. 4x2) 1x3, 5x2. 4x1, 6x2 p. Close the remaining 16 p.

Stitch the seam on the right shoulder. Gather around the edge of the neck 92 p. And 24 cm knit with an elastic band 2/3. then close everything.
Sew the left shoulder and collar of Mz9sy. Sew all seams and insert sleeves. Sew buttons on the left half of the collar.

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