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We knit an elegant female pullover "Aran romance".

For size 42, 580 g of yarn based on gray or light blue wool is required. Needles with numbers 3,5 and 4 are recommended. We recommend using Alpina LORENA yarn with 100% wool.


Regular elastic 2x2: 2 front loops alternately fit with 2 wrong loops. Alternation continues to the end of the row. The wrong side in an elastic band fits in the pattern.
Pattern "fantasy": clearly according to the scheme.

Knitting should have a density of 22 loops on 34 rows at a scale of 10x10.

Work description

Knitting the backrest

Pick up the number 3.5 needles. It is necessary to dial 100 loops on these knitting needles and knit 2x2 rubber 4 cm high. Transfer the work to knitting needles No. 4 and continue knitting according to the proposed pattern, based on the diagram. Having reached a height of 25 cm, mark the sides of the armholes with bright thread on both sides. Keep knitting. From the beginning of the armhole, through 16cm, close the center of the 22 neck loops. Close another 4 and 3 loops on either side of the central 22 loops. This should be done in every second (even) row. Having tied the part to a height of 45 cm, close 32 loops on each side of the part (these are the shoulders), complete the knitting.

Knotting front

This part of the product must be knitted as well as the back. Having reached a height of 39 cm, close 18 central loops to form a neckline and 4 more loops on both sides of them, after 3 and at the end 2 loops in each second row. When the part is 45 cm long, close 32 loops for each shoulder. Finish knitting.

Knotting the sleeves

On the knitting needles (No. 3,5) should dial 50 loops. Knit with an elastic (2x2) 6cm. After, continue knitting with needles No. 4, while performing the pattern (according to the scheme), following the instructions. Evenly add only 4 loops in the first back row. Next, in succession, add 54 loops of the sleeve in each 8th row 16 times (on both sides of the part) for the 1st loop. The result should be 86 loops. At a height of 46 centimeters, close all the loops.

Assembly parts

Sew on the sides of the front and back details, connect the shoulders. Lift the extreme loops of the neckline on knitting needles No. 3.5, knit with an elastic band 2x2 - 8 cm, close. Connect the sleeves and sew them into the armholes.


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