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Facial surface: faces. p - persons p, out of p - out. n., Flower: tie a chain of 5 air. p. and enclose it 1 conn. into the ring. 1st
r: 3 air. Lift, 1 tbsp. S / n., 3 air. .. * 2 tbsp. s / n, knitted together, 3 airs. *, repeat from * to * 7 times. 2nd p: 3 vp lifting, in the following arch: 1 tbsp. s / n 1 air item, 2 tbsp. s / n. * in the next arch 2 tbsp. s / n 1 air., 2 tbsp. s / n *, repeat from * to * 7 times; cut and fasten the thread.
Density of knitting, faces. smooth surface: 18 p and 24 p. = 10 x 10cm.
Medallion (19 cm wide, 18 cm high): dial 15 p. And knit faces with smoothness, adding on both sides in each 2nd p. 2 x 2
p. And 5 x 1 p. (= 33 p.). Next, tie 11 p. without additions, starting from the 12th p. turn down on both sides in every 2nd r. 5 x 1p. and 2 x 2 p.
In the 39th p. close the remaining 15 p. Crochet a blue thread around a medallion 1 p. from 84 st b / n (in each corner, knit 2 st b / n),
then 1 p. as follows: * in 1 tbsp. non-knit knit 1 st s / n, 2 airs., 1 st. s / n, 3 air p., skip 2 p., repeat from * to * 28 times; cut and fasten the thread.
Assembly: tie 8 blue, 9 light blue, 7 white medallions and 18 blue flowers.
Arrange the medallions and flowers, as indicated in the diagram, and, knitting the 2nd p. hook, connect the parts as follows: 1 tbsp. s / n, 1 air p., 1 connection st., capturing the corresponding arch between 2 tbsp. s / n of the adjacent part, 1 tbsp. s / n Embroider patterns A, B, C and D on the medallions with a knit stitch.
To tighten the blue thread button, tie a chain of 4 air. item and enclose it 1 connection. Art. into the ring. Next, knit in
circular rows of Art. b / n, making uniform increments in each row. As soon as the circle reaches the size of the button, start
making reductions. Having connected 2 p. with reductions, put in a button and continue to knit st. b / n until the button is
completely closed. Sew the button to the center of the neckline of the front.


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