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Elegant trim - a through pattern along the edge of the shelves - the secret of charm is very simple, at first glance, the model.

34/36 (38/40) 42/44

Yarn (72% cotton, 17% sheep wool, 11% alpaca wool; 215 m / 50 g) - 250 (250) 300 g peach and light gray; knitting needles No. 5 and 6; circular knitting needles No. 5.


The product is knitted in 2 threads (= 1 thread of each color, taken together).

Front and back rows - front loops.

Front rows - front loops, wrong rows - wrong loops.

An even number of loops. Each row start and end chrome. loop. 

1st row (= out. Row): front loops. 

2nd row (= persons. Row): * 1 yarn, 2 p. Knit together the front, from * repeat. 

3rd row (= out. Row): knit loops and yarn over the front. 

4th row (= faces. Row): facial loops. 

In height, perform 1 time from the 1st to the 4th row.

An odd number of loops. 1st row (= out. Row): chrome., Alternately 1 person., 1 out., Finish 1 person. and chrome. 2nd row (= persons. Row): knit stitches according to the picture.

15.5 p. X 22 p. = 10 x 10 cm, knitted with the front surface with knitting needles No. 6.



On knitting needles No. 5, put in 2 threads 78 (84) 90 p. And, starting from the wrong side, knit 1.5 cm = 5 p for the lower bar. garter stitch. 

Go to knitting needles No. 6 and continue work with facial smoothness. 

After 55.5 cm = 122 p. from the lower bar close on both sides for the shoulder bevels, first 1 time for 4 p., then in every 2 r. another 6 times for 4 p. (3 times for 4 p. and 3 times for 5 p.) 6 times for 5 p. 

After 62 cm = 136 p. close the remaining 22 points from the bottom bar in the same row = middle 12 points form the straight edge of the neck, 5 points on both sides of them belong to the shoulder edges.

On knitting needles No. 5, put in 2 threads 33 (36) 39 p. And tie the lower bar, as described for the back. 

Go to the knitting needles No. 6 and continue the work of individuals. stitch. 

After 55.5 cm = 122 p. from the lower bar from the right edge, perform a shoulder bevel, as described for the back, and close the remaining 5 points.

Knit symmetrically to the left shelf.

On knitting needles No. 5, dial 26 (30) 34 p. In 2 threads and tie the bar as described for the back. 

Go to the knitting needles number 6 and continue to work with the front surface. 

At the same time in the 2nd r. from the bar, start increasing to expand the sleeve as follows: mark the middle 4 points and on both sides of these 4 points make 1 double crochet. 

In the next purl row, knit the crochets purl. Repeat these increments 12 (13) 14 more times in each subsequent front row. 

After 11.5 cm = 26 p. (12.5 cm = 28 p.) 13.5 cm = 30 p. from the bar on the knitting needles will be 52 (58) 64 p. 

After 39 cm = 86 p. close the loop from the strap in one row.

On knitting needles No. 6, put in 2 threads for the 1st pocket from the 4th to 29th sts. (5-30th sts.) The 7th to 32nd sts in 1st st. persons. smooth the left shelf 26 p. and knit with the front surface. After 15.5 cm = 34 p. from the set of rows knit a garter stitch. In the 6th p. straps of a loop to close. 

On the sides, turning chrome. loops, sew a pocket to the shelf. Perform the second pocket in the same way, placing it on the right shelf symmetrically. Perform shoulder seams. 

On circular knitting needles No. 5, put in 2 threads along the front edges of the shelves, 106 p. Each, along the edge of the neck of the back 14 p. And knit 4 p. For all 226 p. through the pattern, at the same time, start from the wrong side and in the last front row along the line of the middle of the back, decrease 1 st. (= 2 stitches knit together the front = 225 stitches on the knitting needles). 

Next, starting from the wrong side, knit with an elastic band and after 2.5 cm from changing the pattern of the loop, close the pattern. 

Sew on sleeves. Make side seams and sleeve seams.


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