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A sweater with sleeves to the elbow fits across - from one sleeve to another. Simple but so spectacular!

36/38 (40/42)

Sectional dyeing yarn 1 (39% cotton, 35% wool, 26% silk; 125 m / 50 g) - 250 (300) g pale pink / pale blue / white / gray / black / orange (color A); 
section dyeing yarn 2 (76% mohair superkid, 24% silk; 220 m / 25 g) - 50 g each of sand / coral / pink / yellow / dark purple (color B) and burgundy / light purple / dark pink / golden brown / beige pink (color C); circular knitting needles No. 6.5 with a length of 60 cm and No. 7.5 with a length of 80 cm; 6 mother-of-pearl buttons with a diameter of 26 mm.


Alternately 2 facial, 2 wrong.

Front rows - front loops, wrong rows - wrong loops. In circular rows, knit all the loops face.

Front rows - purl loops, wrong rows - front loops. In circular rows, knit all the loops on the wrong side.

Alternately 2 p. wrong side and 2 p. facial smoothness.
11 p. X 16.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the front surface with a triple thread on knitting needles No. 7.5.

The model is knitted across a triple thread, for this, connect 1 thread of three colors and use as one working thread. The arrows in the pattern indicate the direction of knitting.



Auxiliary thread dial 52 (56) p. For one sleeve and loop to leave. On circular knitting needles No. 7.5, dial 32 (36) p. With a triple thread, knit 52 (56) p. From the loops left for the sleeve, additionally dial 32 (36) p. With triple thread = 116 (128) p. And distribute the loops as follows: 32 (36) p. gum, 52 (56) p. face smooth, 32 (36) p. gum. 

For holes for buttons close in the 5th p. from the set row of the 7th and 8th points from the edge, the 15th and 16th points, the 23rd and 24th points, then in the next row at the same places again dial these loops. 

After 10 p. From the set of rows of the loop, distribute as follows: 6 p. of transverse scars, 104 (112) p. of the front surface, 6 p. of transverse scars. 

After 13 (16) cm = 22 (26) p. from the new distribution of loops to divide the work for the neck: leave the first 58 (64) sts. on the auxiliary needle and knit 58 (64) st. backs first. 

After 19 cm = 32 p. from separation, leave back loops on the auxiliary spoke. Now knit in front loops and to round off the neck, close along the inner edge 1 time 4 p., Then in every 2 r. 1 time 2 p. And 4 times 1 p. = 48 (54) p. 

After 8 p. from the last decrease add 1 point along the inner edge 1 time, then add in every 2 r. 3 times 1 p. And redial 1 time 2 p. And 1 time 4 p. = 58 (64) p. 

Next, connect the front and back loops and on all 116 (128) p. Knit 13 cm = 22 p. after the last division of work. Now distribute the loops as follows: 32 (36) p. Gum, 52 (56) p. Face, 32 (36) p. Gum. In the 5th p. make holes for buttons as described at the beginning of the manual. 

After 10 p. from the last change of the pattern, close the first 32 (36) p., 52 (56) p. knit with the front stitch and 32 (36) p. close.

On the remaining 52 (56) p., Knit with the front stitch. 

After 20.5 cm = 34 p. sleeve lengths knit with an elastic band. 

After 9 p. gum to close all the loops.

Dissolve the auxiliary thread, 52 (56) p., Reassemble into circular knitting needles and knit with the front surface. 

After 20.5 cm = 34 p. sleeve lengths knit another 9 p. rubber band, then close all the loops.

On circular knitting needles No. 6.5, dial in triple thread along the edge of the neck only 64 p. And knit 8 circle. garter stitch. Next, on knitting needles 7.5, knit in circular rows with an elastic band. After 16 laps. gum all loops freely close.

Sew 3 buttons on the strap connected with an elastic band according to the location of the holes for them.

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