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Even a familiar thing can be turned into an unusual one due to the details. For example, such as this shuttlecock on a classic top.

32/34 (36/38) 40/42

Yarn (100% cotton, 165 m / 50 g) - 200 (200) 250 g of white color; straight knitting needles No. 4; a circle. knitting needles No. 3.5, length 40 cm.


In the front rows, all the loops are knitted with the front ones, in the wrong rows - the back ones.

Knit all stitches in all rows. 

Knit according to the scheme, distribute the item according to the instructions. 
Knit 1 time rows 1-16, then constantly repeat p. 3-6.

Right edge: chrome., 3 persons., 2 p. Knit together persons. 
Left edge: 2 p. Knit together persons. with an inclination to the left (= 1 p., remove as faces., next., knit faces. and stretch the shot p. through it), 3 faces., chrome.

Right edge: chrome., 2 p. Handkerchief knitting, 1 person., 3 p. Knit together persons. 
Left edge: knit 3 p. Together with a broach (= 2 p. Remove together as a person., 1 person., Then stretch both removed p.), 1 person., 2 p. Garter stitch, chrome.

Right edge: chrome., 2 p. Handkerchief knitting, 1 person., 2 p. Knit together persons.
Left edge: 2 p. Knit together persons. with a slope to the left (= 1 p. remove as a person., next item. knit a person. and stretch a shot item through it), 1 person., 2 items of a garter stitch, chrome.

Right edge: chrome., 3 persons., Knit 1 person. crossed item from broach between item;
Left edge: Tie 1 oz. crossed item from broach, 3 persons., chrome.

27.5 p. X 34 p. = 10 x 10cm, knitted with the front surface with knitting needles No. 4;
20 p. X 20 p. = 10 x 10 cm, knitted with an openwork pattern with knitting needles No. 4.



Type 121 (137) 147 p. With knitting needles No. 4 and knit 1 out. R. out. p. 

Then knit 8 p. openwork pattern, distributing p. trace. way: chrome., 12 (13) 14 times do rapport 10 p. between the arrows, finish 5 p. after the left arrow, chrome.

Next R. divide the work: set aside the last 41 sts for insertion, knit the first 86 (96) 106 sts
. smoothness, evenly adding to the 1st r. 24 p. = 110 (120) 130 p.

For thawing, perform 2 cm (= 6 p. Faces. Smooth) 1 decorative decrease A on both sides 1 time, repeat these decreases 2 more times in each 6th p. and 4 times in each 4 r. = 96 (106) 116 p.

After 2.5 cm (= 8 p.) From the last decrease, perform 1 decor on both sides. increase, then alternately in each 6th and 8th (every 6th) each 6th row to perform another 6 times 1 decor.
increase = 110 (120) 130 p. 

For armholes, close at a height of 31 (30) 29 cm (= 102 (98) 94 p. faces. smooth surface) on both sides 1 time for 3 (4) 5 p., then in each 2 r. Perform 2 times 1 decor. decrease B, 8 (10) 12 times for 1 decor. decrease C, and in each 4 r. 3 times 1 decor. decrease C and in each 6th p. 2 times 1 decor. decrease C = 70 (74) 78 p.

In this case, simultaneously with the first decrease, the armhole knit for the border the first 2 p. after chrome. p. and the last 2 p. before chrome. n. garter stitch. 

At the height of the armhole 16 (17) 18 cm (= 54 (58) 62 p.) Close the middle 50 (52) 54 p. To cut the neck and first finish the left side. 

To round the cutout, close from the inner edge in each 2 r. 1 time 3 p. And 1 time 2 p. = 5 (6-7) p. At the height of the neck 2 cm (= 6 p.) Close p. 

Put the 41-point inserts deferred onto the knitting needles, add 1 chrome at the point of separation. p. = 42 p and continue to knit with an openwork pattern. At insertion height approx. 15 cm tightly close the insert.

Knit symmetrically to the back.

Perform shoulder seams. 

A circle. Using knitting needles, draw 130 (134) 138 p. from the neck and close it in a circle. Knit 1 circle. R. out. p., 1 circle. R. persons. p., then close all p. out. 

Make side seams before insertion.

Insert the inserts of both parts along the inner edge with the acc. side seam of the front and back. slightly fitting the edges of the inserts. 

Sew the closed edges of the inserts together.

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