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I want to please you with such a beautiful knit knit sweater.  Very stylish and beautiful. We can say that in this outfit you definitely will not go unnoticed. Very hands combed to tie their own kind. As I saw, it immediately caught fire. 

Sizes for women: S / M / L / XL.

Chest: 88/98/108/118 cm.

Length in the middle of the back: 49/50/51/52 cm.

 You will need: LANG YARNS SOL yarn (100% cotton) 250/300/350/400 g equals 5/6/7/8 skeins of blue and LANG YARNS STELLINA LUXE yarn (silk, cotton, polyester, polyamide) 150/175 / 200/225 g is equal to 6/7/8/9 skeins of silver-blue color, knitting needles No. 6, short circular knitting needles No. 6.

Pattern I.

Horizontal stripes. Rows 1 and 2 (Sol): all front loops. Row 3 (Stellina Luxe): all facial loops. Row 4 (Stellina Luxe): all purl loops. Repeat rows 1 to 4.

Note 1

From the sleeves to the neckline, the pullover is tied across. The middle part is knitted separately. The arrow on the pattern shows the direction of knitting.

Note 2

Since the finished part is elongated in length, the description additionally indicates the number of strips (one strip - 4 rows).

Note Z.

To get an invisible seam, on each side dial 57 loops with a contrasting thread. When stitching, dissolve the contrasting thread and, using a thinner knitting needle, transfer 57 loops to the working knitting needle, knit 1 row with Stellina Luxe yarn and make side seams with a “loop into loop” stitch.

Knitting density: Pattern I, 19 stitches in 26 rows corresponds to a square of 10 by 10 cm.

Jumper knitting female job description
Right sleeve, back and front.

Yarn Sol dial 38/42/46/50 loops and knit with a Pattern I.

At a height of 10 cm from the set edge (= 7 strips), add 1 loop on both sides for beveling the sleeve.

Then add in each 8th row 4 times in 1 loop, in each 6th row 4 times in 1 loop and in each 4th row 4 times in 1 loop is 64/68/72/76 loops.

At a height of 38 cm from the set edge for the lateral edge of the front and back, dial 57 loops (see note 3) equal to 178/182/186/190 loops.

Knit on all loops without reduction.

After about 12/14 16/18 cm (equal to 9/10/11/12 stripes) from the set edge for the side seam, knit 2 more rows of all the front loops with Sol yarn and set aside all the loops.

Left sleeve, back and front.

Knit as the right side.

The middle detail of the back.

Set yarn Sol 41/43/45/47 loops and knit with Pattern I.

At a height of about 46/47/48/49 cm (equal to 30/31/31/32 stripes) from the set edge for cutting the neck, close the middle 21/23/25/27 loops and on each side in each 2nd row another 1 times of 6 loops and 1 time of 4 loops.

The middle part is transmitted.

Knit as the middle part of the back.


At a height of about 39/40/41/42 cm from the set edge (equal to 25/26/26/27 stripes), close the middle 15/17/19/21 loops and on each side in each 2nd row another 1 time in 4 loops and 3 times in 3 loops.


Transfer the deferred front and back loops to 2 knitting needles (equal to 89/91/93/95 loops).

Sew the middle part to the front with Stellina Luxe yarn with a stitch “loop into a loop”, close the first 6 stitches of the knitted part, sew the next stitch of the middle part, and skip every 4th edge loop.

After cutting the neck, close the remaining hinges.

On the back, start from the 2nd strip from the typesetting edge and sew as the front.

After cutting the neck, close the remaining loops.

Make side seams and sleeve seams (see note 3).

On circular knitting needles with Stellina Luxe yarn along the edge of the neckline, dial about 100/104/108/112 loops (in front it is 53/55/57/59 loops, the back is 47/49/51/53 loops) and set aside all the loops.

Thinning of the neck.

Use knitting needles No. 6 with a contrasting thread to dial 10 loops and knit with Sol and Stellina Luxe yarn with Pattern I.

After 50/51/52/53 strips from the elastic band, close in the ring (see note 3).

On the right edge of the neckline with Stellina Luxe yarn, dial 100/104/108/112 loops (skip almost every second hem).

Attach the neckline to the neckline with the wrong sides and Sol yarn knit 1 loop of the neckline and neckline together with the front, simultaneously closing them.

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