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This model promises summer, sun and a sense of vacation. Elegant, delicate stripes come naturally thanks to our new yarn. A tempting offer!

The instructions for knitting for size: 42-46, 48-52.
Tools: straight knitting needles No. 4,5; circular knitting needles No. 4,5 60 cm long.
Elastic band : alternately 1 persons., 1 izn.
Pearl pattern: knit according to the pattern. The numbers on the right edge indicate the faces. rows, from the left edge - out. ranks. In width, start from loops to the 1st arrow, repeat between arrows 2 points of rapport, end with loops after the 2nd arrow. In height, perform 1 time from the 1st to the 3rd p., Then repeat the 2nd and 3rd p. Note: chrome. in persons. ranks of knit persons., in out. ranks - out., pulling the thread tight.
Marked downs: when decreasing 1 point: at the beginning of a row, knit after chrome. and 4 p. English gum 2 p. together broach = 1 p. to remove as persons., 1 person. and stretch it through the shot p .; at the end of the row, knit before the last 4 p. English gum and chrome. 2 p. Together persons. When reducing 2 p.: At the beginning of a row, knit after chrome. and 4 p. English gum 3 p. together with a broach = 1 p. remove as faces., 2 p. knit together faces. and stretch it through the shot p .; at the end of the row: before the last 4 p. English gum and chrome. knit 3 p. together persons.
Knitting density, English gum, knitting needles No. 4,5: 20 p. And 52 p. = 10 × 10 cm.
Back:dial 107 (115) p. and tie for the bar 7 cm = 33 p. with an elastic band, while starting from 1 out. row and after chrome. from 1 out. and end at the end of the row in front of the chrome. 1 out. In the last row of the strap, tie 8 crosses evenly. p. from broach = 115 (123) p. Then knit with an English rubber band. For bevels add on both sides in the 15th p. from the bar 1 p., then in each 16th p. 2 × 1 p. And in each 14th p. another 5 × 1 p. = 131 (139) p. Include the loops added on both sides according to the drawing in the English gum. After 25 cm = 130 p. mark the beginning of the armhole on both sides of the strap and then knit directly. After 18 (20) cm = 94 (104) p. from the beginning of the armhole, close on both sides for the bevels of the shoulder 1 p., performing the marked reduction, then in each 2 r. 7 (3) × 1 p. And 15 (19) × 2 p., Performing the marked decreases, in the next. 4th r. 1 × 2 p., Then in the trail. 2 r. another 1 × 2 p. Simultaneously with the 21st decrease for shoulder bevels, close the middle 27 points for the neckline and end both sides separately. For rounding, close from the inner edge in every 2 r. another 3 × 2 p., performing the selected reduction. After the last decrease, for the bevel of the shoulder, close the remaining 4 points from the right edge. On this, all the loops of one side will be closed. The second side finish symmetrically.
Before: knit in the same way, only with a deep V-neck. To do this, close in 21 (23) cm = 110 (120) p. from the plank average 3 p. and both sides finish separately. From the inner edge close to bevel in each 16th p. 5 × 2 p. And in each 18th p. 4 × 2 p., Performing decreases on the 7–9th p. From the edge. Bevel the shoulder from the outer edge at the same height as the back. The second side finish symmetrically.
Assembly: flatten the details according to the pattern, moisten and allow to dry. Perform shoulder seams. On the neckline, dial in a circle. knitting needles 220 p. and knit with an elastic band a circle. in rows, making sure that in the middle of the front there were 1 person. n. For the corner of the neckline, remove in each circle. next to the middle loop along with the previous loop as faces., next loop knit faces. and pull it through the removed loops. At a height of 2.5 cm, close the hinges according to the figure. On the edges of the armhole, dial in a circle. knitting needles between marks at 91 (101) sts and knit trims with an elastic band in straight and back rows. At the height of the strap 2 cm, close the loop according to the figure. Run side seams.

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