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Size: 36-40.
You will need: yarn (41% wool, 9% alpaca, 32% polyacryl, 18% polyamide, 115 m / 50 g) - 500 g pink, circular knitting needles No. 6-7, auxiliary. knitting needles.
Elastic band 2 x 2: 2 front loops, 2 wrong loops.
Front surface: 1st row - front loops, 2nd row - wrong loops
Wrong smooth surface: 1 row - purl loops, 2 row - front loops

Fantasy pattern: knit acc. scheme. It gives odd circular rows and rows in the forward direction; even circular and reverse rows knit according to the pattern. 1 cell = 1 p./ row. Only 65 rows.
Strip from the "braid": dial 8 p., Knit with the front surface. In the 3rd row, and then in each 6th, 3 p. After chrome. remove on auxiliary knitting needle, thread before work, knit a trace. 3 loops front, then loops with auxiliary. knitting needles, chrome.
Knitting density: 14 p. And 20 p. / Circle. R. = 10 x 10 - the wrong side of the surface.
Attention: pullover is knitted from top to bottom.
Tie a strip from the "braid". To do this, dial 8 p. thread, then continue knitting with the main thread. Knitting 78 cm = 156 p. (26 crossings), knitting finish. Dissolve the additional thread, raise the loops on the knitting needle. Close the strip into the ring, knitting loops from both knitting needles together.
For the neckline, raise 80 p. Evenly from the lateral edge of the “braid” and knit 6 rows with a 2 x 2 elastic band. Then close the loops.
To knit a sweater from the other side edge of the “braid”, evenly dial 144 p. Distribute the loops into 8 rapports of the fancy pattern for 18-20 p. Knit in circular rows. After 41 laps. row number of loops = 288 p.
At a height of 28 cm = 44 p. from the “braid” of the loop to divide into 4 parts, and knit each part separately.
Back: move the first 6 sts to the right knitting needle. Next, knit in the following order: with a thread from a new tangle for an armhole, dial 6 p., Knit 30 p., Then 36 p. Rapport and 30 p. Trace. rapport, again dial 6 p. for the second armhole. Set aside the remaining loops, continuing knitting the back = 108 p. After 63 p. a fantasy pattern will remain 75 p. Continue knitting with the wrong side.
After 56 cm from the “braid”, tie the lower bar with a 2 x 2 rubber band, while in the 1st row of the elastic band, knit the edge loop together with the trace. loop = 74 p. At a height of 62 cm, close the loop.
For the sleeve, dial 6 p., Then knit 48 p. From the delayed loops, again dial 6 p. = 60 p. Continue knitting, while for the bevels on both sides, reduce in each 6th p. 3 x 1 p. And in each 8 p. 6 x 1 p. = 31 p. Having finished the fantasy pattern, knit with the wrong side.
At a height of 64 cm from the “braid”, tie the cuff with a 2 x 2 elastic, while in the 1st row of the elastic, tie the hem along with the trace. loop. = 30 p. At a height of 70 cm, close all loops.
Before: dial 6 points, then knit 96 points from the stitched loops, dial 6 points again. Continue knitting similar to the back.
Knit the second sleeve in the same way as the first sleeve.
Assembly: sew side seams and sleeve seams.

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