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The fitted top with a fastener on a back is convenient to put on and it is pleasant to carry. An excellent base model that will look good in any color.


36/38 (40/42) 44/46


Yarn (55% viscose, 25% polyamide, 20% silk; 110 m / 50 g) - 300 (350) 400 g turquoise; knitting needles No. 6; circular knitting needles No. 6; 2 buttons in the form of a turquoise flower with a diameter of about 1.5 cm.





Alternately 1 front, 1 wrong side.


Front rows - front loops, wrong rows - wrong loops.


Front and back rows are knitted with facial ones.


On the right side: knit 2 loops together with a slope to the left (= 1 loop to remove, as in facial knitting, knit the next loop with the front and remove the loop through the knitted one).

From the left side: 2 loops to knit together front:


19 stitches x 29 rows = 10 x 10 cm.




On the knitting needles, dial 92 (100) 108 loops and for the strap knit 2 cm = 6 rows of garter stitch. 

Continue to work with the front surface, while already in the 3rd row from the bar to begin to perform decorative decreases for fitting. To do this, distribute the loops as follows: edge, 29 (31) 33 front, 2 loops knit to the left, 28 (32) 36 front, 2 loops together together front, 29 (31) 33 front, edge. 

Repeat these decreases 5 more times in each 6th row, the number of loops between the decreases in each row in which they are performed will be reduced by 2 loops.

After 14 cm = 40 rows from the bar, the reduced loops begin to add again. To do this, distribute the loops as follows: edge, 29 (31) 33 front, from the broach, knit 1 loop of the front crossed, 20 (24) 28 front, from the broach, knit 1 loop of the front crossed, 29 (31) 33 front, edge. 

Repeat these reductions 5 more times in each 6th row (5 times in each 6th row) 5 times alternately in each 4th and 6th row, the number of loops between increments will increase in each row in which they are performed, on 2 loops. After the last row in which the increments are carried out, the initial number of loops will again be reached - 92 (100) 108.

After 29 cm = 84 rows (27 cm = 78 rows) 25 cm = 72 rows from the plank for armholes close 5 loops from the right edge and in the next wrong side row from the left edge also close 5 loops. 

Then, in each 2nd row (= in each front row) for the bevels, raglan on both sides is emphasized to decrease 25 (28) 31 times in 1 loop. In this case, from the right edge after the edge decrease, carry out by knitting 2 loops with an inclination to the left, and from the left edge in front of the edge 2 loops, knit together the front ones. 

After 45 cm = 130 rows from the bar for neckline, leave the middle 22 (24) 26 loops and finish both sides separately. 

On the edge of the neck and for rounding the neckline in each 2nd row, close 1 time 2 loops and 1 time 1 loop. 

After 47 cm = 136 rows from the plank, close the remaining 2 loops.


Knit as before, but with a slit. To do this, after 41 cm = 118 rows from the bar, divide the work in the middle and finish both sides separately. Knit the last loop from the edge of the cut as an edge. In this case, first tie to the end the right side of the back with raglan decreases on the right edge, as described above, and after 49 cm = 142 rows from the bar, put the remaining 13 (14) 15 loops. 

Then appropriately tie to the end the left side of the back.


Fasten the threads. Stretch all parts according to the pattern, moisten slightly and leave to dry. Sutures are done with a mattress seam. 

For the neckline, dial and add loops as follows: start with a cut on the left side of the back and transfer to the circular needles 13 (14) 15 pending loops, then additionally dial 13 loops for the connecting jumper between the front and back, along the edge with closed neckline loops dial 6 loops, then transfer to circular needles 22 (24) 26 pending loops of the front side of the neckline, at the edge with closed loops of the neckline, dial 6 loops, then for the connecting jumper leading from the front to the back, dial again 13 stitches and then transfer to circular knitting needles 13 (14) 15 pending loops on the right side of the back = 86 (90) 94 loops. Now on all loops knit 3.5 cm = 12 rows with an elastic band, in the 12th row, close all the loops according to the figure. 

Armholes crochet 1 row of single crochets. 

Tie the incision with crochet 1 near the single crochet, while on the right side of the back, perform 2 hinged buttonhole.

Start from the right edge of the cut and crochet each edge of the cut, making about 15 single crochet stitches for each edge. First, after the 1st single crochet, perform the first hinged loop.

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