Cute amigurumi plush kitten

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Required materials:
Plush yarn of two colors
Hook 4.0 mm
Eye beads
Thread for nose and antennae
Needle and scissors

Description of knitting a cat with amigurumi

A boy knits like a girl, but without a skirt.

KA - amigurumi ring
PR - increase
UB - decrease
CC - connecting column
CCH - double crochet
RLS - single crochet column

First knit 4 legs, then we will knit them in the body.
The body and head are knitted in one piece.

Handles (front paws) (2 pcs.)
We start with body color:
1) 6 sbn in KA
2-3) 6 sbn (2 rows)
Switch to dress color:
4-5) 6 sbn (2 rows)
6) ub, 4 sbn (5)
Fold in half, knit 2 sbn, 1 ss.
Cut the thread, fasten.

Legs (hind legs) (2 pcs.)
We start with the color of the dress, then we get shoes (either you can knit immediately with body color, as for a boy):
1) 6 sc in KA
2) 6 pr
Switch to body color, or continue with it:
3) 6 ub (6)
4-7) 6 sbn (4 rows)
Fold in half, knit 3 sbn.
Cut the thread, fasten.

We start with body color, from the priests.
1) 6 sb in KA
2) 6 pr (12)
3) (pr, sb) x6 (18)
In the next row we knit the legs and knit the tail:
4) pr, 3 sb (along with the paw), 1 sb in the same a loop, but without a paw, 3 sbn, 3 sbn (together with a paw, starting from the same loop), pr, 2 sbn, pr, 1 sbn
Next we knit the tail:
7 VP, 6 sbn back in the chain, 1 sbn in the next loop body, pr, 2 sbn
5) 19 sbn (to the tail), 5 sbn (after the tail), ss (24)
Go to the dress color:
6-7) 24 sbn (2 rows)
8) (ub, 2 sbn) x6 (18)
9) 18 sbn (18)
10) (ub, sbn) x6 (12)
11) 12 sbn (12)
In the next knit, we knit handles.
12) 1 sbn, 2 sbn together with the hand, 3 sbn, 2 sbn together with the hand, 4 sbn (12)
We stuff the body of the kitten.
13) (UB, 2 PRS) x3 (9)
Head (body color):
Switch to body color:
14) 9
PR (18) 15) (2 PRS, pr) x6 (18)
16-17) 24 PRS 2 rows)
18) (UB, 2 SBN) x6 (18)
19) (UB, SBN) x6 (12)
Stuff your head.
20) 6 ub (6)
Close the hole: 2 ub, ss, cut the thread, fix it.

Ears (2 parts) We
outline 3 loops on both sides of the head.
We knit directly from them:
a) 1 cc
b) sbn, 2 ccn, sbn
c) 1 cc
We cut the thread, leaving the necessary length of thread so that it is enough for the second ear.
Pull the thread from the ss, securing the loop.
We introduce the hook to the place where the upper part of the second ear will be. We pull the thread.
We knit the second ear according to the scheme a-b-c (see above).
Fix the thread, hide the end.

1) Provyazyvaem 24 sc on the finished toy on the first row of the dress, holding a kitten to his head.
2) 24 pr (48)
3) 48 pr (96)
Cc, cut the thread, fasten, hide the end.

Decoration toys:
Sew on bead eyes.
Embroider the nose and antennae.
Tighten the muzzle (optional).
Our kitten is ready!

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