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Women's blouse with crossed shelves knitted with a description.
Sizes: S / M / L.
chest volume: 78/86/92 cm.
length: 61/62/63 cm.

Materials: LANG YARNS COTONE yarn (60% cotton, 40% acrylic; 70m / 50g) 450/500/550 g - 9/10/11 skeins of beige and 1 skein of brown, knitting needles 5.5, hook number 4.
Knitting density: 14 loops and 30 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

How to knit a blouse with crossed shelves.
Type 56/62/68 stitches on the knitting needles and knit with a garter stitch (all rows are facial) 25 cm. 
Next, divide the work into 2 parts and knit them separately to the total height from the beginning of knitting 97/99/101 cm. 
Then cross the canvas, move it to one knitting needle and knit to a height of 122/124/126 cm.

Close the hinges.
Assembly: sew side seams.
Tie the bottom and the shelves 1 near the single crochet. 

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