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We are preparing to meet autumn and have cool days with it.
A stylish elongated jacket with one button will not be amiss in your wardrobe.
Such a jacket will fit perfectly into a wide variety of sets with dresses, skirts, trousers. An extended jacket is a wardrobe item that will be appropriate at any time. Fashion passes, and the jacket remains relevant always!

In order to knit a jacket
p Dimensions 42 will need : 700 gr. yarn of beige color  Riana big (sheep’s wool 50% polyacrylic 50%, 30 m. in 50 gr.), and 250 gr. Riana beige yarn  (sheep’s wool 50% polyacrylic 50%, 120 m. in 50 g), knitting needles No. 5, 7, 9, one button, one button, one hook clasp, one transparent button.

Description of patterns:
Elastic band:  3 front loops, 3 wrong loops.

The main pattern:  for yarn thicker we use knitting needles No. 9, for yarn
thinnerthan knitting needles No. 7.1 row = out. row. Riana yarn; edging, 6 purl * 1 out. with 2 crochets (wrap three times around the thread around the right knitting needle), 1 out. with 2 crochets, 6 purl *, repeat from *, hem.
2 row Riana big yarn: hem, 6 faces., * Remove the next 2 loops as purl, with the yarn loosening and pulling the loops, 6 front *, repeat from *, hem.
3 row Riana thread: edge, 6 front, * remove 2 loops as purl, thread before work, 6 front *, repeat from *, edge.
4-5 row, Riana big: hem, 6 loops of the wrong side (front rows are purl stitches, wrong rows are front loops) * remove 2 loops as purl (in the front row the thread is at work, in the wrong one before work), 6 loops of the wrong smooth *, repeat from *, edge loops.
6 row, Riana thread: all loops are front.
Repeat from the first to the sixth row.

Work description:

Back and shelf:  start from the bottom and move to the armhole line with one canvas.
On knitting needles No. 7, thread Riana 128 loops, and continue knitting with the main pattern, at a height of 39 cm, we begin to form armholes, for this you need to knit and set aside 26 loops and close 4 loops, finish the left shelf on the next 26 loops. close 4x1 loop on the right side for armholes = 22 loops.
At a height of 46cm. close for the bevel of the cutout on the left side, 1 loop, in each second row and 2 times 1 loop in each 4 rows 5x1 loop.
At a height of 60 cm = 132 rows, close the remaining 14 shoulder loops.
Finish the back with an average of 68 loops, while for armholes we close on both sides in each second row 4x1 loop = 60 loops. At a height of 60 cm, close all loops.
Finish the right shelf symmetrically with the left.

Sleeves:  on knitting needles No. 7, thread Riana 44 loops and knit with the main pattern, with knitting starting and ending with hem, followed by 4 purl stitches, the main pattern.
At a height of 45 cm, for okata sleeves, close on each side 3 loops in each second row, 1x2, 2x1, in each 4 row 4x1 loop and 1x2 loop. After that, close the remaining 10 loops. Sleeve height should be 60 cm.

Trims and collar:  Ready to wet parts and allow them to dry. After that, on knitting needles No. 5, thread Riana dial 89 loops along the straight edges of the shelves and knit with an elastic band.
Perform shoulder seams.

For a collar on knitting needles No. 5, with Riana thread, dial 31 loops along the bevels of the cutout of the shelves and 38 loops = 100 loops along the back of the neckline. and knit as follows:
1 out. row: hem, 30 loops of elastic, starting with 3 purl on the middle 38 loops, knit 2 purl, 2 facial alternately, then 30 loops of elastic, starting with 3 facial, hem. At a height of 3 cm, knit along the top of the back between all the front ones, one crossed front, from the transverse thread, and knit these loops according to the picture. At a height of 6 cm, knit between all 2 wrong sides, 1 wrong side crossed, from a transverse thread = 119 loop.
Then knit all the loops with an elastic band. At a height of 8 cm, add 1 loop in the front corners in the front rows on both sides and in each second 11x1 more loops as follows: hem, 3 front, then knit 1 crossed loop from the transverse thread, knit up to 4 loops from the end of the row, 3 front, edge. On top of these applications, knit alternately 3 front 3 wrong = 143 loops. At a collar height of 18 cm, close all loops.

Assembly: to
strip strips from the wrong side, to make seams of sleeves, to sew in sleeves. Sew the short sides of the plackets and collar to each other to a width of 3 cm. Sew a large button in the middle of the placket, sew a large button on top of the button on the right shelf.

Pattern of a jacket with knitting needles on one button

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