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Such a simple cardigan will certainly give you a touching image, wherever you are - at work, on vacation, or on a first date. The "bat" style is perfect for warm weather! Our jumper seems especially airy thanks to linen ribbon yarn and a wavy pattern with elongated loops

36/38 (40/42) 44/46

Yarn (100% flax; 95 m / 50 g) - 450 (500) 550 g pink; knitting needles number 4.5; circular knitting needles No. 4.5.


Front rows - front loops, wrong rows - wrong loops.

The number of loops is a multiple of 14 + 7 (0) 7 + 2 hem = knit acc. scheme. On it are given the front rows and partially back rows. In all non-aligned back rows, knit all loops on the wrong side. For the 1st and 3rd sizes, start with 1 edge, repeat the repeat all the time, end with loops to the arrow and 1 edge; for the 2nd size between the edge constantly repeat the rapport. Perform 1 time the 1st-24th rows, then constantly repeat the 5th-24th rows.

16 p. X 25.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm.

Knit a jumper, including sleeves, with a single fabric without shoulder seams, while starting from the lower edge of the front and ending with the lower edge of the back.


For the front, dial 79 (86) 93 loops on a knitting needle and knit with a wavy pattern. 

After 4.5 cm = 12 rows (3 cm = 8 rows), 1.5 cm = 4 rows from the initial row, add 1 x 1 p. For an all-knitted sleeve on both sides, then 41 x 1 p. In each 2nd row. according to to the pattern. 

Through 37.5 cm = 96 rows (36 cm = 92 rows) 34.5 cm = 88 rows from the initial row, 163 (170) 177 sts are on the needles. 

After 56.5 cm = 144 rows from the initial row, the shoulder line is reached. 

Then, leave the middle 51 (54) 57 points for the neck and, in the next wrong row, instead of the left loops, dial 51 (54) 57 points again and include in the pattern. 

Then finish the back in a mirror image, while the increase will decrease. 

After 56.5 cm = 144 rows from the shoulder line, i.e. after the 8th row of the scheme, close the remaining 79 (86) 93 p.

For a twisted strip, dial 50 (54) 58 loops on the knitting needles along the straight edges of the sleeves and tie 8 rows with the front stitch. Then do not close the loops too tightly. 

Make side seams, including the ends of the slats. 

For the neckline, put on the circular knitting needles left 51 (54) 57 front loops, from the newly dialed back loops, dial another 51 (54) 57 loops = 102 (108) 114 p. Then knit 8 circular rows with the front ones and then close it not too tight all loops are like facial ones.

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