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A translucent wavy pattern on a jumper with sleeves three quarters is located vertically and in this form looks even more spectacular!

Yarn (100% cotton; 104 m / 50 g) - 500 g azure; knitting needles No. 4; circular knitting needles No. 3.5; hat gum.

The number of loops is a multiple of 18 + 1 + 2 hem = knit acc. scheme. On it are given the front and back rows. Start with 1 edge, repeat repeatedly, end the loop after rapport and 1 edge. Run 2 times the 1st to 14th rows, then perform 1 time the 1st to 18th rows = 46 rows. Continuously repeat these 46 rows.

* 2 front, 
2 loops, knit together with an inclination to the left (remove 1 loop as the front, 1 front, then pull it through the removed loop), 
then remove these 3 loops back to the left knitting needle, while tightening the thread on the wrong side of the work, 
from * Repeat continuously until all the stitches left except for 3 stitches of the hollow cord strap are used up. 
Then close these 3 p.

20 p. X 27.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm.

Knit the top, including the sleeves, across with a single fabric, while starting from the left side edge of the back. The left side edge of the part forms the neck, the right side edges form the lower edge and the edges of the sleeves. Arrow on the pattern = direction of knitting.

Type 111 loops on the knitting needles and knit 1 wrong side of the wrong side. This series is not taken into account in subsequent calculations.

* Continue to work as the main pattern.

After 50 cm = 138 rows from the initial row, close for the lateral edge on the right edge 1 x 69 p. = 42 p.

For the right sleeve dial 1 x 33 p., Include them in the work before the remaining 42 p. And continue on all 75 loops according to to the pattern.

To cut the sleeve through 17 cm = 46 rows from the beginning of knitting the sleeve, close 1 x 20 p. = 55 p. Along the right edge and at the same time re-dial with a new thread = 75 p. *.

After 33.5 cm = 92 rows from the start of knitting the sleeve, finish the sleeve. To do this, close the right edge of 1 x 33 p. = 42 p.

Then, for the lateral edge, dial 1 x 69 p. And turn them on before the remaining 42 p. = 111 p. Then from * to * repeat 1 more time for the front and left sleeve.

After 33.5 cm = 92 rows from the beginning of knitting of the sleeve, or after 167 cm = 460 rows from the initial row of the back, close all 75 p.

Sew the closed edge of the left sleeve with the initial row of the back between the marks on the pattern, make side seams and lower seams of the sleeves.

Along the edge of the neck, dial 240 loops on circular knitting needles and knit 1 circular row of faces, while constantly knitting 2 loops together with the front = 120 p., Then leave the loops.

Run the bar out of the hollow cord. To fix the neck, press the hat folded in half into the bar and adjust the width as desired.

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